The Original Alleycats (Volume 1)--Epub Ebook

In 1949, 1951, 1952 and 1954, the original Alleycats lived in Panama City, FL with their grandmother (Madear)--5ft'4 with demeanor as tall as a pine tree. She worked hard to raise 4 grandsons. Ages Newborn to 5. Madear took a trip to Alabama. She brought back my aunt and 4 kids, including 2 more boys. Together they became known as the “Alleycats.” Other boys in the neighborhood wanted to be part the group. They became known as the “Alley boys.” The difference between the Alleycats and the Alley boys: the Alleycats lived in the alley. The Alleyboys lived in surrounding neighborhoods, but all were from “Millville.” The group grew into about 15 boys--Bear, Tootsie, Lollyboy, Cup, Shut-your-mouth, Bo-peep, Slim, Nick, Terry, Punchee and Ashley, etc. You had to fight one of the boys who was already a member to become a member. The choice of who to fight was up to person wanting to join. We never caused any problems, but we never let anyone push us around either. We had lots of fun after school. -------------------//----- *(Epub Ebooks)* are Ebooks that can be read without Pinch and Zoom to read on mobile devices. The text is Reflowable Text. The Text shapes to the size of your Mobile Devices for Easy Reading. You can Read your Epub Ebook in any Epub Ebook Reader App. * (Android Users), Moon Reader is a Great Epub Ebook Reader for the Android. There are other Great Epub Ebook Readers for the Android. Go to Google Play Store or Amazon App Store to get a Epub Ebook Reader Apps to Read Your Epub Ebook. * (iPhone--iPad) Users--Read Your Epub Ebook in iBooks. You can also go to iTunes and find other Epub Ebook Reader Apps.

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